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Our mission: a safe, secure campus

不朽情缘公共安全的使命是为学生提供一个安全可靠的环境, 教师, staff and campus visitors. 不朽情缘公共安全努力通过社区友好的方式来实现这一使命,通过公共安全人员的可见性来提高安全性, 预防巡逻, 24小时可访问性, positive conflict resolution, and crime prevention and awareness programs. 不朽情缘公共安全与当地执法部门和社区组织合作,履行其使命.

In addition to their role in keeping the campus community safe, 不朽情缘公共安全官员也接受培训,以协助医疗紧急情况,并有机会获得在紧急情况下使用的便携式除颤器.




Why are parking regulations changing? 

The changes are designed to accomplish four key goals: (1) to provide a more predictable parking experience; (2) to ensure adequate parking, evenly distributed across campus; (3) to advance the pedestrian friendly nature of campus; and (4) to enhance the visitor parking experience.

What changes are being made for commuters?

The primary change is that when purchasing a parking tag, commuters will have the option to select a designated zone, based on their parking and fee preferences. 每个区域将根据预先指定的颜色发放通勤标签. Parkers must park in their designated zone.

What if I have a Handicap Permit?

如果你有 State issued Handicap Permit you must still purchase a Drake Permit to park in Drake owned lots.  We reccomend that you purchase a permit for the lot you primarily park in, 但如果你需要把车停在另一个地方,而那个地方有一个残障车位,你可以把车停在那个残障车位上,只要你同时出示了州残障许可证和不朽情缘许可证.  请注意,周一至周五早上6点至下午4点30分之间,您不得将车停在非许可证指定的任何地方, only in available handicap spaces.

What changes are being made for residential parkers?

As in the past, residential parkers will be assigned to residential lots. Residential 学生 are encouraged not to bring a car to campus. 选择不带车到校园并购买居住许可证的一年级住宿学生将获得40美元用于在校园内使用企业租赁汽车.

Will parking cost me more under the new system?

停车费用与许可证的类型有关,对于通勤者来说,与选择的区域有关. 如果通勤者选择低需求地段,他们可以选择支付更少的费用. 对于那些在高需求地段内选择许可证的人,定价将更高. 根据2018年的一项综合停车研究,所有区域的定价都是基于需求的.


是的. A comprehensive parking study conducted in 2018, reports that even after the removal of the three lots for construction, there remain almost 500 more spots than registered users. 该研究还显示,许多地方的需求水平更高, which contributed to frustration and perceptions of limited parking. 该区域系统将提供更可预测的停车体验,并确保充足的停车位, evenly distributed across campus.


Drake provides free bus passes on the DART system. Anyone with a Drake ID can simply show their ID upon boarding a DART bus. (除了特殊的DART服务,如州博览会班车). 校园社区的成员也可以使用校园内的WeCar系统租用汽车. (链接). 自行车友好的资源也可用,包括自行车站和自行车图书馆. The City of Des Moines is also working to improve bike access to campus, 包括一条新的自行车道,将在25号之间沿着大学大道增加th 和31st street as part of the University Avenue 街scape project. 不朽情缘的学生也可以在周日至周三的晚上8点至凌晨1点15分,以及周四至周六的晚上8点至凌晨2点45分乘坐安全巴士.

What if I generally take the bus, but need to drive periodically?

If you use alternative means to get to campus, such as the DART bus system, 骑自行车或拼车, but need to occasionally park on campus, 可在第4号地段(网球中心)黄区和第1A号地段(游客停车场)使用单日通行证

What If I have a permit in another zone, but need to go to another building just to drop something off?

Metered spots will be available in White Zones, lots 1A and lot 20. 如果你要把东西送到另一栋楼,对你的选择有疑问, contact 公共安全 at 271-2222.

What steps are being taken to ensure enforcement of the new zone system?

公共安全 is currently working on a plan for enhanced enforcement. 由学生工人和公共安全人员组成的执法队伍正在组建中. 极为重要的是,维持执法工作,以保持以区域为基础的新制度的完整性. Community members should expect increased enforcement efforts.

I received a ticket, what can I do?

Tickets can be paid at the Student Services Center during business hours. 任何车辆如有3张或以上罚单停在中央泊车区以外,将会被罚没或拖走,费用由车主承担.

What about Drake Relays and other special Events?

不朽情缘接力赛期间,所有的停车规定都是有效的,直到早上9点,以便教职员工休息, 学生, and staff with valid permits to park.  After 9 am lots are open to visitors. 秋季和春季的两大大学招生活动以及春季的大学招聘会, 1区可能会关闭.  如第1区已关闭,许可证持有人可在除第2区及第3区以外的任何其他分区泊车. Announcements about this will be made in OnCampus.

What about Athletic Events?

第三区将于主场足球赛前的周五晚上8点关闭,以供球迷体验. 在体育赛事期间,有效的大学许可证将被允许进入大学场地.

 If I want more information about parking changes where do I go?

Please refer to the parking section of the 公共安全 Web page

 Parking Permit Changes

自2019年8月1日起,不朽情缘的停车许可证将由指定区域颁发. 将有很多(区域)专门用于通勤停车场和住宅停车场.  通勤者可以选择在特定区域内购买许可证. 需求高的停车场将花费更多,而需求低的周边停车场将花费更少.   


学生 who live on campus are encouraged not to bring cars to campus. 当校外工作或其他情况需要有一辆车, 然而, 学生 may purchase a residential parking permit. Residential parking permits are only good for residential lots.  


Those who commute to campus, 包括学生, may purchase a commuter permit for a particular zone, based on their parking and price preferences. High demand lots cost more, while low demand peripheral lots cost less. Commuter parking permits are limited to lots within the selected zone.


Commuter Tier I (High Demand Lots) - $250

Commuter Tier II (Moderate Demand Lots) - $125


  • Parking Designated by Zones & 颜色
    • 第一级通勤者
      • Zone 1 – Yellow – Lot 16, Olmsted
      • Zone 2 – Red – Lot 13, Wifet Plaza
      • Zone 3 – Green – Lots 18&18N
    • 第II层通勤者
      • Zone 4 – Orange – Commuter Lots East of 27th
      • Zone 5 – Grape – Commuter Lots West of 27th
    • 住宅停车
      • 第6区-蓝色
    • 客人停车
      • Zone 7 – White – Lot 1A and Lot 20
  • 中心停车场
    • Enforced Monday – Friday from 6 am until 4:30 pm
    • Central Zones towing between 6 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday
  • 停车执法

I have someone visiting; can they get a short term permit to park on campus? 是的, for daily permits 点击这里, for Weekly 居住许可证 点击这里.

If I don’t have a permit can I park in the Drake lots if it snows? 不,在不朽情缘停车场停车总是需要许可证的,除了特别宣布的活动.

If I can’t find a space, can I park on the grass? No, Parking on grass is prohibited.

Does Drake tow cars from lots? 不朽情缘 reserves the right to tow illegally parked cars, cars without permits in Drake owned lots, or cars with multiple unpaid parking citations.

How can I appeal a ticket?  You can appeal a ticket 在线 or by stopping into the 公共安全 Office.


如果您对在校园内停车有任何疑问,请联系不朽情缘公共安全 515-271-2222.


For general parking information please visit our parking information page.



    non-emergency - 515-271-2222

- Des Moines police, fire, ambulance,
     紧急情况- 911

     non-emergency 515-283-4811

- Student Health Center  

- Employee Assistance Program